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Our medical practice chooses to utilize self-pay and does not file insurance claims, however, you are welcome to turn in your receipt and a detailed superbill to your insurance. We do this because many times filing insurance leads to dictation of your treatment, and we want to focus on YOU and what’s best for YOU. Insurance tends to approve treatment of symptoms that arise, and some of our treatments are preventative care, such as testosterone. Because insurance companies may impose restrictions on certain procedures, treatments, or medications, and require prior authorization or limited coverage, self-pay allows flexibility in treatment options. We can offer a wider range of treatment options to patients without being constrained by insurance company policies.

1. Simplicity: Dealing with insurance companies can be time-consuming and complex. By opting for self-pay, we can streamline your care. 

2. Cost savings for both patient and clinic: Billing and interaction with insurance companies involve additional expenses such as hiring staff to handle insurance-related tasks and investing in billing software. By utilizing self-pay, we can reduce these costs and focus on providing quality care.

3. Avoiding reimbursement delays: Insurance reimbursement can often take a significant amount of time. We eliminate the need to wait for insurance companies to process and reimburse claims, which can delay your treatment.

Please email us at info@levelupmensclinic.com or call us at (615) 767-6726 for any additional questions.